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Bingo Australia – the totally awesome new Australian board game!

Crikey by jingo it’s Bingo with Dingoes!

Bingo Australia is a fabulously fun Australian board game, proudly brought to you by Blue Roo Inc. Its bingo done the Aussie way. 

Players will get a real taste of Australia as they perch on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting for the shy possum to poke it’s head out. They will gasp in delight when the snapping croc shows up to give everyone a fright. They will giggle with glee when the Koala shows up in a gum tree.  

Nothing brings people together like a good old-fashioned board game. Can’t you just hear the screams of Bingo as players travel across the land down under?

But more than just being fun, this game is hugely educational. Accompanied by a fact filled booklet, players will learn whether the Australian Tarantula’s bark is worse than its bite. They’ll find out why Quokkas are so terrifically happy. They’ll discover where in the great Southern land they need to go if they want to see a hairy nosed wombat (and even what surprising shape its poop is).

Each of the intriguing Aussie icons is illustrated in captivating detail in beautiful hand-drawn images. The images have been lovingly created by the highly acclaimed Australian illustrator Sarah Hardy. They’re miniature works of art that will leave people enraptured with the Australian environment and all its weird and wonderful critters.  

This Australian Board Game is suitable for bonza blokes, top sheilas and the tin lids. It will be adored by Aussies in cossies, tourists who are passing through, homesick expats and anyone who is intrigued by the wondrous wildlife that forms a part of Australia’s nature loving culture. 

 It’s bound to be insanely popular and it’s ripe for retailing. This is a game that should be stocked in:

  • Zoos and animal parks
  • Gift shops
  • Toy shops
  • Games stores
  • Department stores
  • Souvenir shops
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Educational facilities
  • Museums
  • Duty free shops
  • Travel retail stores

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